Hi, I’m Stuart La-Ffin, and I travel whenever I can. I also like to write about my adventures. One day I’d love to be in a position to do it full time.

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Why Txiki Tales?

txiki-2I’ve always wanted to write books, even after Mr Rodney Watkins, our Year 10 English teacher, tried to drain my enthusiasm for writing with an absurdly low mark based on nothing other than a difference of opinion (I’ve harboured that grudge for the best part of 30 years now).

I’ve now decided to start a blog which I hope one day I’ll be able to shape into a proper published piece of work – like the ones you still find in WH Smith, but probably in the bargain bucket.

Over the last 25 years I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel extensively and enjoy the local hospitality (euphemism) at cities across the globe, some notoriously touristy, others very much off the beaten track. In all of those voyages I’ve come across some wonderfully colourful characters, and enjoyed an unbelievable variety of scoff and beverages in venues some of which I have revisited so many times that I almost consider myself a local and others that I feel blessed to have surfaced from in one piece and will only enter again during nightmares.

So many of these experiences have resulted in what I would describe as ‘interesting anecdotes’ (in my mind anyway) and I’m going to try and document them here. I hope that an element of humour will run through the stories although friends have often described my sense of humour in less than complimentary terms.

So what are Txiki Tales and what exactly should you expect here?

Over the last few years people who know me will already be aware that I am a great fan of the Basque Country and of Bilbao in particular. A Txikiteo or Txiki (pronounced a little like ‘cheeky’) is a Basque pub crawl. But this isn’t the type of evening that entails the quick-fire sinking of eight pints, attempting to duck flying pint glasses and finishing by walking home with a greasy doner whilst trying in vain to avoid the strategically placed pools of vomit across the pavement.

A txiki is a civilised wander from bar to bar with friends, partaking in small(ish) drinks in each, sampling the snackage (tapas in Spain or pintxos as they are known in the Basque Country) on offer and generally having a wonderful time in a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere.

I’m committing here and now to blogging on a regular basis, primarily so that I’ve a record of what I’ve actually got up to when my memory start to fade. There will be stories, reviews, photos and even the odd video (these will probably be predominantly from the later hours as the inhibitions dissipate). I’m going to try and add some older tales on a regular basis – after all I have got 25 years worth of material to use.

As I’ve said, these musings and principally for me. That’s not to say that I won’t be pleased as punch if you enjoy experiencing them as much as I will putting them together. I’ll also be tagging people who have shared these adventures, with their permission of course although there are one or two people who will deserve a mention but are still luddites when it comes to newfangled things such as social media.

Feel free to like and share posts wherever you want, but also remember that I really won’t be upset if the only like is from Mrs L – I’ll still be proud!

Txiki Stu