Dublin: The mad 12 hour Txiki Christmas Challenge

Dublin: The mad 12 hour Txiki Christmas Challenge

Just how much can you do and see in Dublin in 12 hours? On Wednesday 13th December I’ll find out.

Origin of the challenge

The start of December and I have to use my final day of annual leave before Christmas. Mrs L and Tom are both at school, the former working at one rather than still studying at the age of…. I’d better not go there! Despite her protestations that I should use the time to clean the house for a change, I have other ideas.

Where could I go for the day? Could I spend next to nothing (relatively)? How much fun can I have? And how can I blog about it in a quirky and mildly interesting manner?

I managed to bag return flights from East Midlands to Dublin with Ryanair for the princely sum of £19.98. Car parking for the day is chuffin’ more than the flights – even discounted I’m being robbed of £25. Thanks East Midlands Airport!


I’ve flown into Dublin a couple of times before but never been in to the city. That’s about to change in a big way.

The plan

My flight arrives at 07.40 with the return scheduled for 19.40. That’s exactly 12 hours. Obviously I won’t have the whole time in the city but hey, it fits with the title of the challenge. And I’m sure that the winter weather may have a say in the actual length of stay. It is also 12 days before Christmas and so that got me thinking.


Why not do a ’12 things of Dublin’ just like the ’12 Days of Christmas’ but not?! Fellow traveller and good friend Mrs G also suggested that I could release a different element of the blog each day in the run up to the arrival of Santa’s sack. Brilliant, absolute genius.

The Dublin 12

I had a few ideas for different elements that could make up my 12 and I’ve had some great input from the twitterverse. I’ve also had some suggestions from @louisbink that I’m going to struggle with:

11 shots of Jameson can’t make it on to the list because I’ll be driving back from the airport in the evening

And 6 fist-fights with leprechauns might be a bit of a struggle and the physical death of me

So here is the draft, partial list of adventures that I’m planning (yes, I am aware that there are only 11 listed) so far with only one definitive number against any of them. I’m going to need an element of flexibility and besides, there needs to be a little bit of mystery and suspense left for the actual blog.

  • 12 miles walked (and blisters gained no doubt)
  • Liffey bridges crossed
  • Pieces of street art
  • Celtic crosses
  • Pubs beginning with ‘O…’
  • Irish breakfast items
  • Pints (or halves) of Guinness
  • Trinity College something or other!?
  • Modes of transport used
  • Independent coffee shops
  • Sporting stadia – can I get in to Croke Park and/or Aviva Stadium without paying for a full tour??

Thanks to @wanderlustadvocate @kate_frankie @vickyinglis13 @twobritsabroad @travelnpack @sidewalksafari and others for all the ideas so far.

And I’m really hoping that I can do something special for the number 1 to be released on Christmas Day. Maybe a meet-up with a famous Dubliner? If anyone has any other ideas or can help in any way, please get in touch, I’d be eternally grateful!

I’ll be tweeting all day from Dublin on Wednesday with the first part of the post going live on Thursday. I hope it lives up to expectations and it brightens the day of anyone (hopefully it will be more than just Mrs L) who stumbles across it.






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