Along came a spider: Maman of Bilbao

Along came a spider: Maman of Bilbao

Maman is certainly the mother of all open-air artworks. Standing watchfully on the promenade outside the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, this menacing arachnid measures almost 30ft in height.

Maman Colour

She is a symbol of protection and a fascinating sculpture for most. But her sinewy legs and bulbous pouch strike fear in the hearts of arachnophobes visiting the city. You can almost hear the palpitations as people creep past almost having to look away to avoid her gaze. Is she a protector or predator?

Probably both.

If you want your sculptures cuddly and colourful, head round to the other side of the museum. Here you will find Jeff Kroons’ Puppy. This floral beast of a pooch will change every time you visit.


Interesting? Certainly. But it doesn’t quite evoke the emotions of Maman.

Entrance to the Guggenheim costs 16€ but it is free to wander around the outside and explore the many sculptures on offer.

Guggenheim Museum

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