A surprisingly pleasant trip to Hull

A surprisingly pleasant trip to Hull

I’ve never been too fond of Hull. I feel I can make that comment as I did work in the city centre for two years. It was the longest ten years of my life!

Quite by chance we met friends there this weekend. The UK City of Culture award seems to have instilled a real sense of civic pride in the place. We only ventured through the Old Town and across to the marina but I have to admit that I really enjoyed myself. Here are some of my photos to prove it!

The Old Town

King Billy and his very own pub!

King Billy

The imposing Holy Trinity church

Holy Trinity

You could almost be in Venice if it wasn’t for the van!


The irony of CCTV placement and location of the Probation Service on Liberty Lane

Liberty Lane

The gym where Luke Campbell trains – hope the siting of his gold telephone box isn’t an omen!


Job centre

Always love a nice archway!


We had a lovely late lunch at the funky Riddlers in Trinity Square. Not sure that the doorstep counts as a ciabatta though!



Pulled pork sandwich

Whoops – half eaten it before I took the photo!

Hull Marina

Visiting the Marina for the first time in years reminded me of a recent trip to Abu Dhabi 😉

Hull Marina

Hull Marina

The Fruit Market

I was genuinely impressed with what they have done with this area – classy yet bohemian and plenty of fun.

Street Art

Fruit Market


Live work play

The ‘Caravan of Gin’


Yorkshire sayings

Capital of Culture 2017 and The Deep

The projection show on the side of The Deep was technically impressive but I think it could have had a bit more ‘oomph’ if you know what I mean.

The Deep

The Deep

The Hull Wall – moving and a particular favourite of mine, especially since our recent visit to Berlin

Hull Wall

Hull Wall

Hull Wall

Even the underpass had great things going on!


Finally, the brother-in-law pointing out the need to get a photo of one of the moths around town – the tribute to aviator Amy Johnson. Not sure about standing in front of a competitor business though Mr W!


Round up

Overall, we had a fab few hours in Hull. I have to say that I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised with the place. I know that some of my comments are a little biting but I would advise anyone who hasn’t been to give it a go.

At least during 2017 while there is a bit more going on!

Seriously though, I do hope that the current investment is just a starting point and leads to ongoing regeneration. The city can look across the M62 to Liverpool to see how you can get it right, given both the time and money. But I guess that European development funding might be in shorter supply going forward.

So thank you Kingston-upon-Hull for a wonderful Saturday.

Just do something about the roads – first sign of a breakdown and it’s piggin’ awful getting in there…and even worse getting out of it!

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