T is for…trolley cases

T is for…trolley cases

I hate trolley cases. With a fucking passion.

I don’t suppose that’s much to go on so here’s why I would ban trolley cases after check-in.

  1. With airport terminals so busy these days, people walking with trolley cases take up approximately three times as much room as people with the equivalent sized backpacks.
  2. They have a tendency (the people rather than the cases) to stop suddenly causing people behind to either trip or put their back out as they manoeuvre out of the way.
  3. They get broken when the idiots carrying them decide that they WILL fit in to the Ryanair size-checker at the gate.
  4. They take approximately ten times along to place into overhead lockers as other types of baggage (I’ve timed it!)
  5. They hurt when the idiots carrying them try to get them down from overhead lockers drag them out, not appreciating the weight and with complete disregard for the passengers around.
  6. Upon reaching a staircase (usually in arrivals) their owners suddenly stop (again) to lower the handle and put the case into ‘carry mode’ with complete disregard for the passengers behind.
  7. The noise of people dragging trolley cases along tiles pavements and roads reverberates around like that of a pneumatic drill.
  8. They don’t work on cobbles, no matter how hard you try.

PS Someone has just run into the back of my ankle with a trolley case at Bilbao Airport. Hence the rant.

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